PSI ~ What will you be learning?

Keller's teaching model emphasized student self-learning, with teachers serving as classroom environment preparers, observers of learning, assistants, and guides. The PSI Keller programme mainly helps children in developing through self-study:

  1. Habits of independent thinking and self-learning: Give children a space for full self-development, allow them to face and solve problems independently, and they will unconsciously form a good habit of independent thinking and self-learning while learning.

  2. Thinking ability: The answer is obtained by themselves after analyzing and comprehending the example questions. This procedure completely trains the child’s observation, analysis, judgment, synthesis, induction, and association skills. Furthermore, rich math questions.

  3. Allow children to learn mathematics to its full extent: mathematics includes not only calculation but also number, quantity, order, shape, space, set, coordinate, conservation, system, and function.

History of PSI

Keller (Fred S. Keller) is a well-known American psychologist. In 1931, he received his doctorate from Harvard. He has worked as a research professor of psychology at several prestigious universities in the United States. Keller has received numerous honors for his outstanding contributions to teaching and research. President Truman presented him with the Outstanding Research Award in 1948. 

As a result of his dissatisfaction with traditional teaching and a thorough understanding of behaviourist psychology’s reinforcement theory, programmed instruction, and teaching machine, Dr. Keller laid the groundwork for the development of new teaching methods. 

Keller’s teaching model advanced to a new level with the establishment of the “Personalized System of Instruction” in 1979. At this point, Keller’s teaching has been widely applied in many parts of the United States and around the world, and Keller’s research and curriculum development have entered a stable growth stage. This novel teaching method has been widely adopted in a number of countries around the world, including Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, and others.

Personalized System Of Instruction

Types of PSI Programme Questions